Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The past can REALLY suck!!

Some people are just oblivious to everything, even how others hate them! It is amazing no matter how rude, mean or nasty you are to these people they just won't leave you alone!! Why is this? Do they just not have enough people to bother or annoy at maybe their work, or school that they have to talk to you?!? Mine is a ex, he wants to be friends, and can not seem to understand "I NEVER want to talk to you again!". Hummm Maybe I am speaking in a different language? I didn't think I was, but it can't be just the fact that they are stupid or anything could it?!?!?  :p  It isn't hard to move on with your own life and leave others out of it, especially when we ask to be left out!! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Don't you have parents??!!?

I know in my youth I was all about doing things I shouldn't.  One big difference was I didn't bother other people with my antics! If you are racing your vehicles in a public park, and people live next to said park, YOU ARE BOTHERING THOSE PEOPLE!!! I don't want to hear you, I would rather not even see you! Bugger off and go out to the farmlands and race, maybe the corn fields won't report you!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Your mama don't work here!!

Just because it isn't your home, and they have paid employees to clean the place, doesn't mean that you should just leave your garbage on the table for someone else to pick up! If everyone did this, then you couldn't go anywhere without other peoples trash sitting all around! Pick up after yourself!! This is just a common courtesy thing to do! I mean does your mother let you just walk away from a mess at her house?!?! I doubt it very much!! And I am not saying clean the table with soap and water, that is the employees job, just pick up the garbage and throw it away!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Are you too good for that?!!

Well I think I ran into someone else who feels they are just above everyone else. This person seems to feel that parking another 10 feet away in a parking space is really just too much of a hassle for them. They figured they would park on the grass since rules don't apply to them anyway! REALLY?! You are no better than anyone else, and it wasn't like the parking lot was full or you were handicap or anything! You walked just fine to the dog park with your two dogs (that you couldn't manage to keep on a leash)!! So what is it that makes you so fricken special today?

Really?!? Pick it up!!

Well I was at the dog park the other day and there is a guy who comes there with his dog a LOT! A few different times I have seen him there, he NEVER picks up the poop his dog leaves! I mean it isn't that hard to do! And the excuse "I don't have anything to pick it up in" doesn't work when there are hundreds of plastic bags hanging on the fences and in the dispensers!! If you have a dog, it is your job to take care of EVERYTHING he does! That includes pooping!! I don't want to step in it... I don't want to have to see it... and I really don't like the idea that you think your better than me and just can't pick up poop!!  I mean REALLY?!?!  And if your going to go to the dog park... watch your dog!! "I did not notice that they pooped" is also not an excuse!!  Get off the phone... or at least watch your dog while you are talking!! The attached photo is of the gentlemen in question with his dog (i think named Haley).

The start of it all.

This blog is pretty much going to be me posting pictures and information about things and people who are rude, inconsiderate and just plain nasty. I don't go allot of places in this town (Springfield, Ohio), but the places I do go I see these types of people all the time! I am just tired of it and have a bone to pick with them. So even if no one reads this blog it is OK, cause I get to vent!  :)