Monday, April 2, 2012

Really?!? Pick it up!!

Well I was at the dog park the other day and there is a guy who comes there with his dog a LOT! A few different times I have seen him there, he NEVER picks up the poop his dog leaves! I mean it isn't that hard to do! And the excuse "I don't have anything to pick it up in" doesn't work when there are hundreds of plastic bags hanging on the fences and in the dispensers!! If you have a dog, it is your job to take care of EVERYTHING he does! That includes pooping!! I don't want to step in it... I don't want to have to see it... and I really don't like the idea that you think your better than me and just can't pick up poop!!  I mean REALLY?!?!  And if your going to go to the dog park... watch your dog!! "I did not notice that they pooped" is also not an excuse!!  Get off the phone... or at least watch your dog while you are talking!! The attached photo is of the gentlemen in question with his dog (i think named Haley).

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