Friday, February 14, 2014


Why can people NOT think of others?  "It is not live and Let live, it is live and help live!!!). 
   So why are people more "stengie" than they were years ago?
   I remember as a child things being A LOT different.  
Sad days is what we have now.  :(

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Unsupervised brats!

These kids have been running the streets damaging empty houses, throwing rocks at cars, and challenging cars driving past! Where are the parents?! I would have to guess they hate them too so they just turn them loose on the neighborhood! This is unacceptable behavior!  Soooo, I call the police to tell them kids are trying to break into an empty house and doing damage to the lawn with their bikes. The police response? Well how can you damage a lawn with a bike? Really? Are you that slow Mr police officer?! I explain to him I am just attempting to watch out for other people property in this crime filled neighborhood of ours. "Well I guess we will send some one out", don't sound so interested!   And for you crappy parents out there, the three in the photo and a girl named Raven on a bike were the destructive children!

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I have never had the best relationship with my grandfather. When I remember being around him he was kind of stand offish. I do not think he was very happy with who my father was, I have been told my father was his best friend.  So I mean really, Who the hell wants to deal this that!!  Right!?!?  I have allways wanted his approval, I guess I can't help it.  At some point, I decided I didn't need his approval (mainly cause he was rude to be when I had lost over 100 pounds), But it is ok!!  I was able to understand that my grandfather had a strange and bad life.  It was not important what he thought, It was important what I thought!! I still loved him, he will and was VERY important to my life and how I grew up.  I did not have a man in my life, the only "man" I remember is him. I am very glad that I didn't have someone who was "horriable!!"  Frank Maupin was a GOOD MAN, No he was a Great Man when he wanted to be. And I would rather be a Great Person when I wanted to be then all of the time!!  I hope he never thought I didn't like him, cause I LOVED HIM.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Steubenville Rape Firestorm

I must voice my (mostly unwanted) opinion on the Steubenville rape case. All 3 kids life's are ruined, but all 3of them must take the blame! The boys had no business violating her, they apparently were not raised right if they thought for even a second that this was something that was alright to do to a person. And the girl had no business being there at her age and drunk! Why wasn't her parents held responsible for allowing their underage daughter to go over a state line to a party? I know how I was raised, and I know how I spent a lot of my young years doing stupid things like going to parties and drinking. I was raised right, my mother was very vigilant in teaching me about being drugged, getting too drunk and watching out for guys that have just no morals. If this girls parents had even taught her a quarter of these things she would of been able to save herself.  This girl should not go free in this situation. Everyone one should know that she is trouble, I mean these 2 young boys will be labeled as rapists for probably the rest of their lives maybe a label of Slut would be a good one for her to carry around the rest of her life.

This link will send you to the hackers video that was the flame that started the firestorm.

I am sorry if you don't like my opinion, but I have known a LOT of guys who would hit or rape a girl, and I have known a LOT of easy sluts. I have no sympathy for either one of them!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A disgusting convo with Texas Roadhouse....

This is the full email convo I had with Texas Roadhouse recently. enjoy.

*I and many other people are just disgusted by the fact you and your company are willing to just accept anything you are told as the truth. Police officers who are a neutral party have investigated, and found that the person you are protecting was at fault! This is just sad! Sad that a fairly well known company would accept people like this to give customer service to your customers. Knowing this, you must not care anything for your customers to put them in this kind of danger. No one wants to be around someone who is going to drive this recklessly and have no regard for human life. I am glad that I found this out before one of your employees injured my family or myself.

Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:02:42 -0500
Thanks, Kymberlei: I am comfortable with the facts. We will agree to disagree. Travis

From: Kymberlei Truman []
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 8:58 PM
I was at the trial, the video showed Mr. Huggins DID NOT run a stop sign! Then on top of that information, Mr Willey's own truck computer showed that at the moment of impact he hit Mr. Huggins at 49mph. That is over the speed limit for that road! So please explain to me when he has been convicted of SPEEDING, and VEHICULAR HOMICIDE that you feel this is ok? You really need to find out the actual facts of the case and not just what your employee or his lawyer tells you.

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012
Ms. Truman: Thanks for contacting us regarding the accident that occurred last year in Springfield. There is nothing more sad and tragic than the loss of a life.
Texas Roadhouse does in fact support and appreciate our military, both active and retired, and we are sorry that you do not share that opinion.
Based on the facts from the trial, David Willey was not traveling 70 mph as alleged or driving in a reckless manner. He was traveling between 37 mph and 42 mph. He did collide with Mr. Huggins after Mr. Huggins ran a stop sign.
We do not feel that our decision to keep David employed diminishes the life of Mr. Huggins or our support of the military. It was a tragic accident that has impacted the lives of many people.
We can respect your decision not to support Texas Roadhouse, but we would ask that you please stop alleging or posting “rumors” about this case that are not fact.
Thanks for reaching out to us and voicing your concern. Let me know if you have any more questions. Travis Doster

Location: OH - Springfield
I have a problem with your company as a whole. You show on your web site and your facebook page that you support the troops. I do not see how this is when your Springfield Ohio store employs a manager/partner, David Wiley. Mr. Wiley was just found GUILTY of vehicular manslaughter and speeding yesterday (11/15/2012) that resulted in the death of an Iraq Vet! Your manager was speeding (police figured 70mph in a 35mph) 2 blocks from your steakhouse. He proceeded to slam into a car killing a war vet on impact! I will tell everyone I know, strangers and everyone who reads my blog, yelp, facebook and twitter accounts how you employ people like this. Until this issue is corrected, I will make it my personal job to tell everyone who will listen to me. Please restore my faith in your bussines, DO NOT employ people who are criminals!!

*@*@*@* It is just sad that a place like this would just take the criminals word for it as to what happened. Not the word of police officers, or video that was taken during the crime. After searching the net and finding out that this is not the first time that this company has made such horrific decisions about their policies and employees I am just glad that I and others I have spoken to will not EVER go there again.
It is probably for the best, I do not want to be injured by one of there criminal employees anyway!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I think I got lost...

                       I know I have been posting a lot about Texas Roadhouse lately on my Facebook, Twitter and other places I go to. I would like to explain why for people out there in space that do not know what is going on. 
                       Over a year ago, a good friend was killed in a auto accident. The manager of Texas Roadhouse in Springfield Ohio, Mr. David Wiley or Willey, was leaving work going home. (There are rumors that the employees there have a habit of drinking for free before they go home for the evening). On a video recorded from the Walmart Supercenter, police estimated his speed at 70mph or higher in a 35mph area. His large truck slammed into my friends small Neon, killing him instantly. (It was rumored that Mr. Wiley darted out around a car that was turning right into Walmart). Mr. Wiley was convicted of speeding and vehicular manslaughter. He still has his job as of 11/15/2012. I have a problem with a company who says they support Veterans, and the Wounded Warrior project but keep this man as an employee! My friend was a Iraq Vet, wounded while there! I feel that any company who will allow this kind of person to work for them is just horriable!! 
            Please do not patronize this place! Tell people, let everyone know that keeping an employee like this is just NOT acceptable!! Thank you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The past can REALLY suck!!

Some people are just oblivious to everything, even how others hate them! It is amazing no matter how rude, mean or nasty you are to these people they just won't leave you alone!! Why is this? Do they just not have enough people to bother or annoy at maybe their work, or school that they have to talk to you?!? Mine is a ex, he wants to be friends, and can not seem to understand "I NEVER want to talk to you again!". Hummm Maybe I am speaking in a different language? I didn't think I was, but it can't be just the fact that they are stupid or anything could it?!?!?  :p  It isn't hard to move on with your own life and leave others out of it, especially when we ask to be left out!!