Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Unsupervised brats!

These kids have been running the streets damaging empty houses, throwing rocks at cars, and challenging cars driving past! Where are the parents?! I would have to guess they hate them too so they just turn them loose on the neighborhood! This is unacceptable behavior!  Soooo, I call the police to tell them kids are trying to break into an empty house and doing damage to the lawn with their bikes. The police response? Well how can you damage a lawn with a bike? Really? Are you that slow Mr police officer?! I explain to him I am just attempting to watch out for other people property in this crime filled neighborhood of ours. "Well I guess we will send some one out", don't sound so interested!   And for you crappy parents out there, the three in the photo and a girl named Raven on a bike were the destructive children!