Saturday, April 6, 2013


I have never had the best relationship with my grandfather. When I remember being around him he was kind of stand offish. I do not think he was very happy with who my father was, I have been told my father was his best friend.  So I mean really, Who the hell wants to deal this that!!  Right!?!?  I have allways wanted his approval, I guess I can't help it.  At some point, I decided I didn't need his approval (mainly cause he was rude to be when I had lost over 100 pounds), But it is ok!!  I was able to understand that my grandfather had a strange and bad life.  It was not important what he thought, It was important what I thought!! I still loved him, he will and was VERY important to my life and how I grew up.  I did not have a man in my life, the only "man" I remember is him. I am very glad that I didn't have someone who was "horriable!!"  Frank Maupin was a GOOD MAN, No he was a Great Man when he wanted to be. And I would rather be a Great Person when I wanted to be then all of the time!!  I hope he never thought I didn't like him, cause I LOVED HIM.